By - Fredrick J. Said

How Is Keto Diet Different From Other Low-Carb Diets?

Keto Diet and Low Carb Diet are terms that you can commonly find on the web. People generally use these terms interchangeably. But, there are some key differences. Are you thinking about the right choice? Then, there are things that you should consider closely.

What is a low-carb and high-fat diet?

In fact, there is not concrete explanation on the low-carb and high-fat diet. It denotes any meal plan that goes through the philosophies as stated by the name. In a diet program with such a diet schedule, you will go through different dietary phases. For instance, in the initial phase, you will start with about 30 grams of carbs per day. With this quantity of carbs, you will also get unlimited fat and medium level of protein. When this is the case of one program, the quantity of carb will differ in the other. Not just carb, but also protein and fat will differ.

What is a ketogenic diet anyways? And how can cbdpure review help?

When you take the case of this diet program, it comes with much stricter parameters. This diet was found in the early 1900s by Dr. Russell Wilder. You will feel surprised to know its early introduction. Yes, it is gaining popularity these days among fitness freaks. But, it is being followed for long.

A true keto diet permits only 5% of your day-to-day calories should come from carbs. The diet suggests that you should get 75% of calories from fat and the rest from protein. When you follow this diet strictly, your body will shift to a constant state. This state is known as nutritional ketosis. The attention of this diet program is on ketone bodies. When you consume this much low carbs, your liver will break down the fat. It means that as against using glucose for energy, ketone bodies will be used.

What does the science say?

As the definition of a low-carb diet differs from one another, clear results are difficult. Even, some studies suggest that usage of fat for fuel will bring many benefits. For instance, a report was published based on a 2015 study. As per the European Journal of Sports Science, it would extend the mental performance. Even, it shows that the physical performance will go more than the expectations. This report supports older reports like the Metabolism Research journal report. The other benefits suggested by reports on Keto Diet include:

  • Improve body fat composition, which happens because fat is used as the fuel.
  • Better blood sugar level controls by restricting carb consumption. When carbohydrates are reduced, constant sugar spikes are avoided.
  • Improved brain health as the brain uses fat for energy. It is based on the fact that higher fatty foods will improve your mental performance.

Studies show that ketogenic diet will suit you if you fall under any of these categories:

  • If you are an individual with medical conditions like diabetes and epilepsy, it will fit. For these two conditions and even for high BP, keto is the best as suggested by studies.
  • If you have neurological conditions, ketosis diet will fit you. You might have heard that ketones are good for the brain.
  • It is suitable for athletes, particularly endurance athletes.
  • If you look for cognitive benefits, you can choose ketosis diet.
  • In case, you look for a rapid weight loss, ketosis weight loss can help.

What is the fundamental difference between low-carb and ketosis diet?

Low-carb involves eating an arbitrarily low number of carbs. Otherwise, it can also mean totally avoiding carbs. On the other hand, ketosis is a metabolic state. It is a state where the breakdown of fatty acids into ketones happens in your body.

In short, eating low carb is a random food choice you make. On the flip side, ketosis is a state of metabolism.

Why should you not go for low-carb diet?

Let us consider that you go for just low-carb and not the keto diet. If this is the case, you might experience the following side-effects:

  • Loss of physical performance
  • Weight gain
  • Hunger Pangs
  • Hormonal disruptions
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Fatigue and low energy

When you are not in ketosis state, your body uses the breakdown of carbohydrate. It happens for creating glucose. The body also uses it as the primary source of energy. So, you will experience the above-mentioned issues.

On the flip side, in ketosis state as against burning carbs for energy, your body burns fats. So, you will not experience the above-mentioned issues. The reason is that you are going to give your body the required fuel. Let us consider that you are still running on the carb for fuel. However, if you are not providing carbs to your body, you will have a bad day. Your body will search for a dependable source of energy. If it cannot find anything, you will get tired. If you do get tired, we suggest looking into CBD oils since these have been proven to help with fatigue, tiredness and overall state of mind. Check out this best CBD oil reviews Buyer’s Guide by HerbMighty.

Why do people get tired with a low-carb diet?

There are three main reasons, why low-carb alone cannot do good for you. When you take low carb and high fat in ketosis, these three things will not happen.

The level of carbs is still too high:

Each one of us responds to different levels of carbs, protein, and fat differently. It is not enough to just consume what you think is low carb. Different factors determine your low carb tolerance level. Some people tolerate 25 grams of carbs per day. On the other hand, the others need 100 grams carbs per day. But, you can tell if you are consuming too much or too little of carbs. It can be done only by testing your ketone levels.

The amount of calories consumed is too low:

If you do not eat enough food, your body will move into starvation mode. People think that they should remove carbs in the low-carb diet. But, they do not replace with any other food. It is a huge mistake. It will make your energy to get down drastically. Even, it can lead to hormonal issues. So, when you restrict carbs, you should make sure that you get the required calories per day.

Yet another reason is that the amount of protein is not correct. You take either too low or too high protein in your diet.

These mistakes will not happen in keto diet as you will be on medium protein. Also, you will supply your body with fats as against carbs.